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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I've lost a pot in the kiln before but never a whole load. This was a whole weeks worth of work (including my first order, sorry Claire!) I tried all day to chock this up to the learning curve and I thought I was being really mature about it, but this afternoon it hit me like a bunch of bricks. These were my best wheel work to date! And I was really looking forward to having some new inventory. I'M PISSED! Back to the studio now with just a "little" pressure. Why? Because I have my first art show in 10 days at Leonesse Cellars in Temecula's Wine Country. It's part of the World Of Wines festival but the art/merchant faire is open to the public. So please come out and see me & the rest of the local artisans, musicians, & merchants. It promises to be a beautiful day of art, music, and fine wines. For directions, please consult   [Below on the right is one of the kiln victims- I loved the curves on this one.]

On another note, I am working on 15 centerpieces for a Haiti benefit dinner at South Coast Winery on March 20th. I will be spotlighting the works as they get farther along in the finishing process. This event is being billed as "Celebrity Chef Dinner" at Check it out for the details.

So March is shaping up as a busy month.  I now have a deeper  understanding of the saying "Be careful what you ask for, you might get it."

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