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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Inspired to Act (or Get Off My Ass!)= Synchronicity

I thought I would be writing about how I've had a lack of inspiration lately and that was the reason for my lack of works of art. But upon looking back, my mind has been flowing with plenty of ideas and I have pages of ideas in my journal. So what was it that was blocking me? I feel it was fear of success, that with all the possibilities of making a life as an artist opening up to me, I feel that sheer terror of commitment. I'm working on going with this creative flow and today it really clicked.
Last night it rained in SoCal, so I thought I would be off the hook and could skip the farmer's market (I was feeling really negative about my lack of new inventory, even though I have 3 oils I could frame). So what happened this morning? As I slept in, the clouds cleared and a sunny day was starting without me. I convinced myself to get up and go, and I was so happy I did. Not only did I have my studio partner relying on me to show her work, but I wanted to see some people like Martha and the Raw Revelations dude.
So I get to the market and get a highly visible spot across from my friend Jeremy. I had the joy of meeting some fellow artists and the pleasure of making the first sale of CL's work (a horse of course). I had been carrying a flyer around for about 2 weeks for a benefit dinner for Haiti. So I got the urge to finally call and offer to make the centerpieces for this event. It sounds like a possibility. I am very excited to see what happens with this. This chef has plans to do 13 events nationwide and that could lead to much visibility for my ceramics.
I rode home from the market into a head wind with a trailer full of veggies and art and all I could think about was what the centerpieces should look like. The trip home was but a blur and after consulting with CL on glaze colors, I went into the studio to throw. But throw what? I had had bowls on my mind, so that was the call. I threw 2 almost identical bowls in about an hour and it was so rewarding. This day just kept on getting better.
So I had to share all of this synchronicity with my blog and let this communication continue to tear down the walls that I have been hiding behind for so long. I love feeling ALIVE!

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