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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hiding behind the "Normal" Mask

Yes, I'm only partly showing myself, but the mask is slowly being peeled away. I have started telling people that I've known for years that I'm an artist. Their reply is always "I didn't know you were an artist". That's because I never told anyone. I am the master of being vague and getting people to talk about their life without sharing mine. So now, at 41, I am learning about who I really am, what I really want, and what it means to feel. I want to start sharing more specifics here, on a regular basis, and let this blog be my avenue to express, without guilt or shame. My name is Tim Knutson and I'm an artist. Life is art, art is hope.
I'm feeling the energy that comes from honestly being myself. I can talk to people without thinking I need their approval, I can attract real friends, and I can use this energy to create a life I love. I never knew this was possible. I want to recommend a book that is helping me so much with making these connections; "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron. If you feel like you lost your true self somewhere, this book will help you, especially if you have an inner artist that has been shut down by trying to fit in.
Wow, 2 posts in one day, what a joyful day! Thank you to CL for her insights and example. Thanks to my friends who accept me for who I am.

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  1. wow, felt like i wrote this entry, i'm in a very similar boat as you. as for the post above where you lost a kiln load, did you make sure everythign was bone dry? try firing on low for a couple hrs w/ the lid propped open and all peeps open. and don't feel too bad, been there done that...