San Bernardino Mts. seen from Santa Rosa Plateau

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I feel ..................

My first post on my first blog- I am excited and nervous. Does it matter what people will think or presume about me? Is this my own self-judgement? This is a time of many firsts for me- multi-pitch climbs @ Tahquitz, a ceramics studio, setting (or at least trying to) boundaries, listening (really- it's an art!), going carless in Southern California, country bike commuting, admitting I love horses, and starting this blog. Getting out of a car and off the freeways is changing my views of time and season. Its cold in the morning but so refreshing after the first chill wears off and the rythmn of pedaling warms me. Have you been to the Santa Rosa Plateau? Just go, you will be amazed. Its time travel and its quiet.........

This is Jack- the sweetest tabby you'll ever meet.

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